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F10 (access standard menu)

Operating System – configuration – (Windows 7) Need to access the ‘standard-menu’? – use F10 while in explorer, (File manager) NOTE; Internet-Explorer8, has this same feature, (Hiding the standard-menu) Screen-Dump; F10_cfgCHANGE-2.png OTHER CHANGEs: – (The reason for wanting to access … Continue reading

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Vista – (fix-info site)

PROBLEM: (Noted similair problem with Windows7 in previous post; –  Error code: 0×80070035) – (Vista) On a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008-based client computer, you switch a network connection from one network adapter to another network adapter or … Continue reading

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Spike Test 3kA > 3 sec

FROM; – there is other related content here. Eland Cables performed this test on samples of 33kV cable at the independent CESI facility in Milan. A Spike Test is a test specifically designed to prove that the screen … Continue reading

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hit F12 key at POST

PROJECT: Rebuild Lenovo laptop (Model=r61) FIRST; Must be able to access the bios. The combination of Lenovo/IBM recovery system-tools, AND, Micro$oft-VistaBIZ os COMBINATION, serves to obsure-&-hide, simple things (LIKE; access to the BIOS) Hit F12 key at POST – (POST=power-on … Continue reading

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talkback @ zdnet ARTICLE: An Easy Way to Protect Your Intellectual Property -Talkback @ zdnet – (Comments; in flat-view) Doc thinks that you should consider a Creative Commons license for much of your work—perhaps even your entire Web site. It says to … Continue reading

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2008 Server Project status

2008 SERVER; PROJECT – DESCRIPTION: – Setup and configure / re-configure the internal network, with server-role “File-Services”, “DHCP”, “Domain-controller”, and “Active-Directory” Reference; Feb 5th 2010 – Server 2008 (Standard) – and Windows7 – (On Lenovo R61 laptop) PROBLEM: After … Continue reading

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nazca lines

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert of Peru GOOGLED – ‘nasca lines‘ – Did you mean: Nazca lines – /yes! (smug search engines – gee)

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Error code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found

– Windows 7, will NOT connect to Server 2008 share – This error message (80070035), usually indicates the software-application (what ever that might be) or program -/- application is blocked by ‘a firewall‘. HERE; Is a – (Basic – setup … Continue reading

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Check the stat counter – DISABLED

SENARIO: The plugin called ‘Stat-Counter’ (Which I find useful) – but would like to learn MORE, about! PROBLEM: It was displaying the counter TWICE, at the bottom of the index.php (Front-Page of the _wp-blog) There has been a LOT of … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Bugs

Here is a blog like mine – (Same ‘Default-Theme’ still being used) – with a technical bent protect-your-windows-7-with-free-firewall-and-antivirus-software I made a comment on this post – (I have become a comment-tor)

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