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IBM / Lenovo S series

The Lenovo Marketing spin Our new S Series netbook is finally here. And it’s designed to keep pace with your busy lifestyle – possibly even simplify it. At a mere 1.2 kgs and about 2.6 cm thin, it’s so light … Continue reading

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About development

Home Another WordPress Blog A (@psychemedia) Blog A brief comment here just to place something / anything until I have something worthwhile to say. Just experimenting with WordPress, and need a post HERE. Testing if this category thing … Continue reading

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SPECs IBM / Lenovo S10e

Home Googled this netbook machine known as IBM / Lenovo S10e to see what I could find, some information about this machine is below. UPDATE: 8:15pm Wednesday 8th July 2009 (Poking about the IBM / Lenovo website, and found the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the GRD blog space

Home Installed WordPress (Ver 2.8) 7:15pm Friday 12 June 2009, and as usual I need to become familiar with how this thing works, so dont expect too much just yet. Well, that all seems to work.  RSS-feeds all taken care … Continue reading

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