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there & here

You need to be here? In October 2008 the last thing you wanted to do was go shopping for stocks. Lehman Brothers had just gone bust. The global credit system was at a standstill. Banks wouldn’t lend to each other, … Continue reading

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Buy property?

Your ‘Great Property Debate’ Digest FROM-URL: – by Kris Sayce on 10 June 2011 – Those in their 50s and 60s who bang on about the selfish ‘me’ generations  would do well to remember baby-boomers aren’t the financial geniuses they … Continue reading

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point of view

If you’re not part of the problem, you’re part of the system. – REF –

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Explicit vs implicit

Explicit vs implicit Wikipedia applies these terms only to numbers – (That not much use in context / english) FROM-URL; – AP English blog – Explicit arguments are arguments that state the claim, use reasoning skills, and evidence to back … Continue reading

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Why FAKE emails – provided by spammers –

I have attempted to email you a number of times. I have changed the “FW” (Forward) – to a “directly-sent-email” to confirm/check that my eMail system, is NOT the problem. You have provided me with a FAKE eMail address. Below … Continue reading

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tl; dr;

TL; DR; = To Long, Didnt Read – QUOTED – DEFINITON – #4: -[FROM-URL: –] buy tl;dr mugs, tshirts and magnets “too long; didn’t read.” 1. The inability to accept, understand or pay attention to information when not separated … Continue reading

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Straight jacket(ed)

Find / Search / Unpack & Repack / – Develop simple procedures and policies – Avoid the straight-jacket imposed by other(s) – (esp; – those in ivory towers) Another Search ivory towers Since the 19th century, the term Ivory Tower … Continue reading

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