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Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz – Has virtualization capabilities Although OEMs have been shipping hardware virtualization in PCs for three years, hardware virtualization is not available in all PCs— so even if your PC is new, … it may not have hardware virtualization. Additionally, those PCs with hardware … Continue reading

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Intel cpu

UPDATE – This could/should read * Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor * (T series vs L series) – more specifically the cpu onboard potential purchases on ebay. Google search – T7500(2.2GHz) – Google search – T2400 (1.83GHz) – Google search … Continue reading

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Youve been “Ruthed”

Here is a term that I found interesting – (little things amuse me) – GOOGLED – ruthed – Getting ruthed is at first a right of passage, and then a slight annoyance. It’s a Second Life phenomena which happens to … Continue reading

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Geoengineering – ARG – (alternate reality games)

FROM-URL: – Sequence of Links – (Click through path, .. monitoring myself?) #1: – #2: – #3: – #4: – #5: –

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Datacenter tour

YouTube-SearchTERM = datacenter tour TelecityGroup — February 15, 2010 — Our third data centre in Paris, France, Condorcet, has recently opened and offers 3,400m2 of customer space and 6.4 megawatts (MW) of customer power. RELATED SEARCH – data 3 Visited … Continue reading

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BMW Service (via Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality technology, Innovation in Service YouTube ID = V431 POSTED  ….. – 03 October 2007 current research project at BMW From url; –

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San Array

IMAGE: Of VMVault – Virtual Infrastruture – San Array

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