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there & here

You need to be here? In October 2008 the last thing you wanted to do was go shopping for stocks. Lehman Brothers had just gone bust. The global credit system was at a standstill. Banks wouldn’t lend to each other, … Continue reading

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Buy property?

Your ‘Great Property Debate’ Digest FROM-URL: – by Kris Sayce on 10 June 2011 – Those in their 50s and 60s who bang on about the selfish ‘me’ generations  would do well to remember baby-boomers aren’t the financial geniuses they … Continue reading

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Why FAKE emails – provided by spammers –

I have attempted to email you a number of times. I have changed the “FW” (Forward) – to a “directly-sent-email” to confirm/check that my eMail system, is NOT the problem. You have provided me with a FAKE eMail address. Below … Continue reading

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Auto Blogs

Auto Blogs – (List of links on this topic) – #1: – TOPIC – “Tutorial on How to Create an Autoblog” #2: – TOPIC – “Tutorial on How to Create an Autoblog” #3: – TOPIC – “What is … Continue reading

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Geoengineering – ARG – (alternate reality games)

FROM-URL: – Sequence of Links – (Click through path, .. monitoring myself?) #1: – #2: – #3: – #4: – #5: –

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global warming orthodoxy – is wrong

IN – CONTEXT; 25 January 2010 ~ Monckton is about to begin an Australia lecture tour – (IF this interests you – follow the links, and listen to the audio “A passionate sceptic“) MY-ORIGINAL-TITLE; “Some common sense – Thanks Christopher … Continue reading

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positive self-deception

The following is from url ~ ‘’ (<<< Follow this LINK to read the complete article >>>) In 1988, psychologists Shelly Taylor and Jonathon Brown published an article making the somewhat disturbing claim that positive self-deception is a normal and … Continue reading

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Linchpin-School-Is-A-Scam ~ AUTHOR – Seth Godin

This bloke  has saved me a lot of work. Author Seth Goddin. He writes so well. FROM – URL: SCHOOL IS A SCAM School was invented by industrialists to achieve two goals: 1. teach kids to be compliant factory … Continue reading

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TVPAPA movie content site is NASTY

TVPAPA movie content site is NASTY! To view the content – you MUST complete a survey (Of some / ANY description) – and then enter you Mobile-Phone number. At this point you have now signed up to $6.60 Twice a … Continue reading

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Book-Review: How to Smell a Rat

I liked this Amazon book review enough to adapt and paste it here. I have rearranged this comment to suit my post here. (Follow the link if you want to read the actual review – or buy the book from … Continue reading

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