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LAN verses WAN port, what is the difference?

The recent connection to fixed-wireless nbn, .. bring attention to this question, what is the difference? – Asking the Internet this question duckduckgo search.? SOME BASICs – LANs tend to use Ethernet and Token Ring, WANs use technologies like MPLS, … Continue reading

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Computer ports -(Serial)-

While most new computers sold in 2010, will not have serial -/- parallel ports, you might wonder why serial-ports might be of interest. Most industrial automation still use the RS-232 and RS-485 protocols for network communications, monitoring and control systems, … Continue reading

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Siemens provided industrial control package

Google-Search = Siemens provided industrial control package Peter Melzer – Provides a nice over-view -/- insight into the Stuxnet-worm Google-Search = large scale industrial processes Today, U.S. national security planners are proposing that the 21st century’s critical infrastructure — power … Continue reading

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How PLCs work

A programmable logic controller is a specialized computer used to control machines and processes. – visit – PLC – Timeline; ANOTHER excellent information source on PLCs >>> <<<

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From source; DCE (Data Communications Equipment) and DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) are descriptions of the role an Ethernet interface plays in 2-way communication. DCE is typically the upstream device (network end), and DTE the downstream device (user end).  DTE … Continue reading

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