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USB Infrared Toy v2

PIC 18F2550 $19.50 + P&H – Purchased? – YES! RELATED LINKs #1: – #2: – #3: – #4: – Purchase ? Start here with add to cart  

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Non persistent vs persistent [Knoppix 6.4]

What is persistence ? Usually, on a live CD or Live USB, all modifications are discarded when you reboot. The persistency allow you to keep your preferences and data even after reboot. USING; – Knoppix 6.4 – [Live USB installation] … Continue reading

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net neutrality

GOOGLED: net neutrality (AND; Some of the links pasted below) #1: #2:,139023754,339292161,00.htm #3: Friday 12, 2010 – The group, Anonymous, blocked the main government website and, the Australian parliament’s homepage, for a second day running … Continue reading

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End User Access? – With Joomla

The Jumpbox Official Blog – provides a “More-Comlete-Overview”on the Joomla CMS, .. [Quote] – “Joomla is an extremely popular Open Source content management system and is known for its intuitiveness and simplicity. It’s noteworthy features include:” – AND there is … Continue reading

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Open source replacment software

XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. And the ‘The KDE on Windows Project‘ This might be useful later –

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