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Chipset RTD 1186 ~ (As installed on 3D Android Player)

This chipset RTD1186 is used on a multitude of devices – google-image-search RTD1186 This aspect (ie, being installed into a “multitude-of-devices”) of said device, .. makes it nearly impossible to FIND specific instructions related to “network-connectivity” – Seems like nobody … Continue reading

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unknown id: chmod

PROBLEM: – chmod o+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins/ – FAILED ERROR: – unknown id: chmod RELATED-POST: – Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2) search – unknown id: chmod AH-HA: – (Found the reason / solution) – Somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Non persistent vs persistent [Knoppix 6.4]

What is persistence ? Usually, on a live CD or Live USB, all modifications are discarded when you reboot. The persistency allow you to keep your preferences and data even after reboot. USING; – Knoppix 6.4 – [Live USB installation] … Continue reading

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Linux Mint 10

Linux Mint 10 – (Installed on 4GB usb-stick) This distro (Mint 10) connects to the Internet, using ZTE MF 626i modem (without much more than 1) enable mobile broadband, 2) edit > add-device ZTE / Telstra (Next G) wizard. The … Continue reading

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Unix Time

[From Wikipedia;] Unix time, or POSIX time, is a system for describing points in time, defined as the number of seconds elapsed since midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of January 1, 1970, not counting leap seconds. It is used … Continue reading

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ZTE AT-commands

SEARCH – ZTE modem AT commands – ZTE AT-commands – disable/enable flashdrive AT+ZCDRUN=8 enable AT+ZCDRUN=9 disable stay online AT+ZOPRT=5 VISIT – – USING HYPER-TERMINAL [?] – – (this explains a lot – pasted below) To send AT commands … Continue reading

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HowTo mount cdrom in linux

LIST – (various tutorial’s on using command line on Linux) #1: – HowTo mount cdrom in linux #2: – ubuntu-remove-the-prompt-to-eject-cd #3: – eject – eject removable media Might add more to this once I have a “working-procedure”

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The old ways

PC User provided this insight (June 2006) on, .. how one might inter-act with the network -/- internet (BEFORE the web existed) Navigate via Unix-based menu on the ISP’s server FLASH-BACK | BEFORE THE WEB -?- We had no idea … Continue reading

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Ever wondered why the name ‘Peter Anvin’ appears (when the system first starts booting) on a lot of Linux distro’s? .. (I have), .. this afternoon I googled this fellows name to see what I could find, … QUOTED – … Continue reading

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Skype (Ubuntu 10.04, installation on usb stick)

It works! UP-DATED – Mon 8 Nov 2010 – The chat components works – (Today testing the audio, .. and this laptop r61-lenovo requires some ‘configuration’ to make work, .. so will try an external microphone to capture audio) – … Continue reading

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