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Comments approved

Have been in Hospital for a week, all comment(s) have been approved, without response. Time to respond? Nah! – 8:55pm Monday 7 June 2010.

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What version of Java is installed?

VISIT: Multiple copies of Java can be installed on a single computer, and, if you have more than one web browser, each one can use a different version of Java, or none at all, so be sure to test … Continue reading

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dead peasants insurance

THIS; is quite a popular google search; –  dead peasants insurance WHAT DOES IT MEAN? – (benefits payable to the corporation) Corporate-owned life insurance Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is life insurance on employees’ lives that is owned by the employer … Continue reading

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What are Permalinks?

THIS COULD BE USEFUL: Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings. A permalink is what another weblogger will use to link to your article (or section), or … Continue reading

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More Links

Due to ‘Gateway-Timeout’ error messages, … (AND; This preventing me from actually editing an older post ‘WebLinks’) The ‘QuickPress’ option in _wp is being used. GEE; My blog is getting as disorganised as my harddisk, due to me constantly … Continue reading

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Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure: Enumerate Domain Info Here; London Internet Exchange – LINX Aggregated Traffic Statistics This page shows the aggregated traffic that flows across all LINX switches and sites, together with what is probably an underestimate of the additional … Continue reading

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citizenship in eGovernment

QUOTE: Recommendations from a working group under the Danish Board of Technology. Public administration in Denmark is on its way to becoming digital. Digital technology, specifically the Internet, is increasingly applied to manage public administration and casework, and to communicate … Continue reading

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The Security 'angle'

FROM A USERS PERSPECTIVE: #1: Basic Computer Security – (Minimum of THREE layers – Meaning:- Using a ‘Limited User Account’, Using, Anitivirus and having it updated regularly, Using a personal or ‘better’ firewall software) #2: Privacy issues, and what NOT … Continue reading

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Spammy _ URLs

OTHER ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITIES; DEFINITION: (Spammy Types of URLs – Is an ongoing topic that is rather large in itself – AND beyond the scope of this little comment, sorry to anyone that might be offended by this, but once again, … Continue reading

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Pre-boot service partition

[UPDATE POST – Three (3) broken links removed Monday 14th December 2009] [UPDATE POST – Friday 17 Sept 2010] Google-SEARCH “Pre-boot service partition” [UPDATE POST – Wednesday 9 Feb 2011] – Consideration 11 ~ are you sure -???- Gotta like … Continue reading

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