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Test Adobe – Flash Player

CHECK VERSION: – DOWNLOAD: – [Version (3.59 MB)]

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who bought netscape

This question who bought netscape -???- has been in the back of my mind for many years, … so today – I found the answer to this question. THE SHORT ANSWER – It was sold (merged) to / with AOL … Continue reading

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Project for tomorrow -(expand source)-

Work through this tutorial – – Another? – (related-info-source) here – – UPDATED – 5:05pm Tuesday 30 Nov – Maybe Saturday might allow (time) for this project to be completed then. UPDATED – 8:55am Sunday 12 Dec – … Continue reading

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“” (an empty string)

“” (an empty string) – googled? – (answer=yes) ~ null_object-211 ~ QUOTED-FROM-URL: – In today’s web development world, we’re all doing something along these lines, whether we know it or not. Download a new WordPress theme? Make sure you’ll … Continue reading

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Safari 5.0.1

TESTED – – (Is working on the MAC(intosh)-Browser called “Safari” Somebody – (Commenter -/- Spammer -/- +++ ) – generously let me know that they “having trouble viewing your site in Safari” – No problems I tell myself – … Continue reading

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Spamming Billions

RE – Found website of interest – (One that identifies “Spammer-TYPEs”) – TOPIC – Sub-Forums : Moronic idiot running forum spam script on IP I’m going to spam my way to BILLIONS !!!! Duh !!! I thought this … Continue reading

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Browser plugin – NoScript

Due to the cost of ISP-Data-Rates, I now have to “ration” the content downloaded, (Esp video-content that is configured to “Play-Automatically“) The most useful tool to do this (currently Sept 2010) – Firefox-Plugin – NAMED – It might take … Continue reading

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set the home page

GOOGLE-SEARCH: – Make Home shortcuts OBJECTIVE tell customers how to set their homepage to http:// -{blah}- .com. go to Tools | Internet options | and click use current (while on that page, make sure there is only one-tabbed page open. … Continue reading

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Java Version Check

RE-Installed the os (Windows 7 Enterprise edition) – So need to RE-Install browser plugins required – already got the Flash-Player installed. – Now the (Which is a great service) – requires a “newer-version” of java, (than the one installed, … Continue reading

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R61 8932-A29

DETAILs – ThinkPad R61 8932-A29 – (This string means) – BRAND: – Lenovo PRODUCT: – Thinkpad SERIES: – R61 TYPE: – 8932 MODEL: – A29 Details required -IF- you need support -/- drivers from the vendor – Select a product … Continue reading

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