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Test Adobe – Flash Player

CHECK VERSION: – DOWNLOAD: – [Version (3.59 MB)]

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unknown id: chmod

PROBLEM: – chmod o+w /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins/ – FAILED ERROR: – unknown id: chmod RELATED-POST: – Adobe plugin installed – (Browser – Iceweasel in Knoppix 6.2) search – unknown id: chmod AH-HA: – (Found the reason / solution) – Somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Ready for mobile?

In an effort to make this blog compatible / viewable on mobile device(‘s) – (approx mobile screen size 240 x 320 and larger) The word-press plugin – ‘wptouch’ – has been added today. Image taken from the SDK emulator, (loaded … Continue reading

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Dynamic Related Posts -[Plugin]-

The plugin named – Dynamic Related Posts – is working,- It was installed recently, .. and having coding-stuff to configure, seems overly-complex, and initial impression was that it simply was not working due to needing more configuration, … so promptly … Continue reading

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Kubrick theme – (customised dtab plugin)

Kubrick theme – with a custom plugin called dtabs adding the navigation tabs on the home page, .. (the ‘tabbed-navigation displays on EVERY-Page) – The dtabs plugin requires some editing of header.php THIS is such a common question, (What theme … Continue reading

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Browser plugin – NoScript

Due to the cost of ISP-Data-Rates, I now have to “ration” the content downloaded, (Esp video-content that is configured to “Play-Automatically“) The most useful tool to do this (currently Sept 2010) – Firefox-Plugin – NAMED – It might take … Continue reading

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Plugin – WP-Infobox

Want to test new plugin called “WP-Infobox” – (But figuring out how to use it is not obvious) – Now it is visible – (YAY) Ok – Installed with “content-inserted“, .. AND – It is still not “Showing it-self” ? … Continue reading

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Installed FD Feedburner

+ + + RESTARTED THE CHROME BROWSER + + + SOURCE-COMMENT – Request for technical support – comment-734 THIS-POST; – Will be messy, till I figure out HOW to setup the RSS – FD Feedburner plugin – (for the Google-Chrome … Continue reading

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