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application development in 2017


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LAN verses WAN port, what is the difference?

The recent connection to fixed-wireless nbn, .. bring attention to this question, what is the difference? – Asking the Internet this question duckduckgo search.? SOME BASICs – LANs tend to use Ethernet and Token Ring, WANs use technologies like MPLS, … Continue reading

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nbn ready

Hardware required to connect to Fixed Wireless nbn-Connection. GOOGLE-SEARCH :: NTD network VISITED :: Just need a router… with a WAN port . The NBN: what router will you need? . TP Link 54M Wireless Router with eXtended Range, … Continue reading

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Support Ends April 8 2014

Microsoft Support for XP ends when? – April 8 2014 TR article, Windows XP: If it ain’t broke… [Quote] While many IT Pros view an option to stay with XP as “free” when couched against the cost of a major OS upgrade, self-supporting … Continue reading

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60GHz Wi-Fi

Article for later reference, Topic, 60GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ac is not ratified yet? [Quote] Most consumers are familiar with IEEE wireless-networking standards because they have experience with all the earlier ones, namely IEEE 802.11a, b, g, and n (802.11ac will be … Continue reading

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WiFi network error – (Access Denied)

PROBLEM; – unable to access shares, via “Start | Run | \\T60” It has been confirmed that a “Blank-Password Is-Not-Allowed“. (ie, check gpedit.msc) SEARCH; – access the group policy editor on XP? #1: – #2: – After setting … Continue reading

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Network Timeouts

*HERE* – is a nice description (as understood by an ordinary human) – of what might be happening with network connection, .. NETWORKING TIP – (As published apc magazine, september 2007) – NETWORK TIMEOUTS UNDER VISTA – HOW WINDOWS VISTA … Continue reading

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slmgr -rearm

Command slmgr -rearm Search slmgr -rearm This command allow the demo / trial version of windows 7  to be reset, giving you another 30 days. This action can be performed four (4) times.  Microsoft Technet: –  KMS Overview – … Continue reading

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there & here

You need to be here? In October 2008 the last thing you wanted to do was go shopping for stocks. Lehman Brothers had just gone bust. The global credit system was at a standstill. Banks wouldn’t lend to each other, … Continue reading

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