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application development in 2017

FOR MORE RECENT DEVELOPMENTs ~ (GO HERE>) http://breakfix.info/drupal/

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LAN verses WAN port, what is the difference?

The recent connection to fixed-wireless nbn, .. bring attention to this question, what is the difference? – Asking the Internet this question duckduckgo search.?

SOME BASICs – LANs tend to use Ethernet and Token Ring, WANs use technologies like MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay and X.25 for connectivity over longer distances.

The links provided compare important differences in the hardware, and describe the protocols used within ‘a network‘.

This Router_vs_Switch comparision provide useful insight – QUOTE; – “Routers connect two or more logical subnets, which do not necessarily map one-to-one to the physical interfaces of the router. The term layer 3 switch often is used interchangeably with router, but switch is really a general term without a rigorous technical definition. In marketing usage, it is generally optimized for Ethernet LAN interfaces and may not have other physical interface types.” [End quote]

The osi model(s) will describe the Router as Network Layer 3 devices, and a Switch as a Data Link Layer. Network switches operate at Layer 2 of the OSI model.

Drilling a little deeper into the topic? – Difference between LAN Ethernet Ports and WAN Ethernet Ports

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nbn ready

Hardware required to connect to Fixed Wireless nbn-Connection.

The modem is built into this network termination device.

The “Network Termination Device”,
Will contain a builtin modem.

VISITED :: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Termination_Device_(NBN)

Just need a router… with a WAN port .

router with a WAN port

A router with a WAN port

The NBN: what router will you need? .

TP Link 54M Wireless Router with eXtended Range, (Model: TL-WR541G) This is performing well for the current connectivity needs.

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Support Ends April 8 2014

Microsoft Support for XP ends when? – April 8 2014

TR article, Windows XP: If it ain’t broke…

[Quote] While many IT Pros view an option to stay with XP as “free” when couched against the cost of a major OS upgrade, self-supporting the platform will incur a definite and rapidly increasing cost once Microsoft support ends. [End Quote]

Danger RED signals, imminent failure.

Danger RED signals, imminent failure.

Visit url – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/endofsupport.aspx

The nice graphic represented above has changed to a more austere interface on the following url? – Post updated Wednesday 8 July 2014. Same url? not quite, .. it is moved to ‘enterprise’ which is logical.

Visit url – http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/enterprise/end-of-support.aspx



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60GHz Wi-Fi

Article for later reference,

Topic, 60GHz Wi-Fi

802.11ac is not ratified yet?

[Quote] Most consumers are familiar with IEEE wireless-networking standards because they have experience with all the earlier ones, namely IEEE 802.11a, b, g, and n (802.11ac will be ratified in early 2014). [End Quote]

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WiFi network error – (Access Denied)

PROBLEM; – unable to access shares, via “Start | Run | \\T60”

It has been confirmed that a “Blank-Password Is-Not-Allowed“. (ie, check gpedit.msc)

SEARCH; – access the group policy editor on XP?

#1: –

#2: –

After setting the local password, the access IS allowed.


An extra note; – The Shared Documents folder is a specialty folder XP creates for all local users to gain access to documents which have been placed in it or one of its subfolders. Shared Documents and its subfolders are located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users, (THIS, is the directory that is being $hared)

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Network Timeouts

*HERE* – is a nice description (as understood by an ordinary human) – of what might be happening with network connection, ..

NETWORKING TIP – (As published apc magazine, september 2007) –


Windows Server and Windows XP have difficulty handling connections to network shares
that no longer exist. This can be simply illustrated in the following way, Start a
command shell in Windows XP (Start > Run > cmd) and enter ‘net view \\noone’ (can be
any unavailable resource) at the command line. The Windows kernel will pause while the
I/O subsystem searches for the resource and Windows will appear to pause. Depending on
your network, this pause can be lengthy, especially if you have numerous servers. The
inability of Windows to overcome this comman problem is also evident when searching for
files in popular applications such as Office. Attempting to open a document on a share that is no longer available will cause Word or Excel to hang while the I/O subsystem attempts to find the share. Compare this with Windows Vista. Opening a command shell in Vista (Start > cmd) and attempting to connect to ‘\\noone’ again produces a pause while the I/O searches for the resource. In Vista, however, pressing Ctrl+C causes the process to terminate and return control to Explorer.

 * Network Timeouts - XP and Vista *

* Network Timeouts - XP and Vista *

Similarly, in all versions of Office you may notice that the Cancel button is now available when searching for a document residing on a network share. System administrators, who are familair with hundreds of helpdesk calls produced by users vainly searching for shares on a server that crashed last night (and is causing Office to hang while XP attempts to synchronise with the non-existent server), will sleep more peacefully in their beds.

search –  * Network Timeouts – XP and Vista *

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slmgr -rearm

Command slmgr -rearm
Search slmgr -rearm

This command allow the demo / trial version of windows 7  to be reset, giving you another 30 days. This action can be performed four (4) times.

As part of deployment, many enterprise customers set up the Key Management Service (KMS) to enable activation of Windows in their environment.

slmgr -rearm


Microsoft Technet: –  KMS Overview – (Key Management Service)
Let’s start with a quick refresher on KMS activation. KMS is a client – server model. It is conceptually similar to DHCP. Instead of handing out IP addresses to clients on their request, KMS enables product activation. KMS is also a renewal model, with the clients attempting to reactivate on a regular interval. There are two roles: the KMS host and the KMS client.

LocalREF: \\L14\ ~ ~ \ITadmin\016_rearm[w7]\ { 004_slmgr_-rearm.txt }

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there & here

You need to be here?


*Hello Ralp*

In October 2008 the last thing you wanted to do was go shopping for stocks.

Lehman Brothers had just gone bust. The global credit system was at a standstill. Banks wouldn’t lend to each other, let alone businesses. The ASX shed 25% of its entire value in a single month.

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